Engineering services

Our engineering services are diversified such as


Structural Engineering Services

K-NECT Designs provides structural design services for commercial, residential & industrial buildings, as well as municipal projects, retaining walls and foundations. We also have vast experience structural steel, wood, concrete and masonry.


Miscellaneous Metal Engineering

Miscellaneous metals often require engineering, forward-thinking, and customization. To be an expert in misc. metals, you have to know your own metals trade—plus how your trade impacts others. This is because misc. metals are often the component used to support masonry, carpentry, and structural supports.


Building condition report / Inspection of Facades / Parking inspections / Water/air infiltration

Building Condition report, also known as a Facility Condition Assessment, is a systematic inspection, review, and report on the state of a building’s structure and systems.
Our inspection reports also inform the client about recommended preventive or corrective work and suggest a schedule for completion.
When required, our team will also carry out exploratory openings.


Plans & specifications and monitoring

K-NECT Designs guides its clients in their construction projects. Our team has the necessary expertise to develop plans and specifications, can manage your calls for tenders for projects as well as take charge of the supervision of the work in order to ensure the quality of the work carried out by the contractors.

Drafting services

Shop drawings are a key component to the success of your construction project

Our drafting services:
Shop drawings, 3D modeling
Erection plans
Anchoring plans
Verification of drawings
Production of digital files for fabrication
Production of reports